Parenting Connection: The More Words a Toddler Hears the Better

Parenting Connection


Child experts say, the more words a child hears as they grow up the better they will develop verbal skills needed to communicate. A great way to get communication started with your baby is to use narration, and there are two ways to do it.

The first is parallel talk, in which the parent describes aloud what their child is seeing, hearing, or doing. The second type of narration is self-talk, which is when the parent describes aloud the actions he or she is doing with the child watching.

Child development expert Claire Vallotton says, this narration can take place for anything, like getting ready for work, cooking, or something your child loves to watch you do.

“Notice what he is interested in and talk to him about those things and talk about them because that is waht is going to help him learn the language. Of course, any time he gives you a vocalization of a word, you are going to be responsive… as if you know perfectly well what he is talking about, right.”

Here is a small list of opportunities for new parents to practice narration: 
*Diaper Changes
*Meal time
*Bath time
*Preparing meals
*Getting dressed

Experts also say, children develop at different rates, so don’t be overly concerned if your child isn’t speaking as well as other kids the same age. just keep working at it, have patience, and use a lot words

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