Parenting resolutions can bring a family closer together for 2018


Most new year’s resolutions are set to improve oneself, but making a few easy-to-accomplish parenting resolutions can make 2018 one to remember for your entire family.

Thankfully, parenting resolutions are quite simple to create and accomplish, yet still can be powerfully effective says Kendra Moyses, a senior educator in child and family development.

“Oh definitely, I think the small changes you make with your kids have huge impacts.”

There’s a million ways to do this, but let’s focus on three parenting resolution topics: togetherness, nutrition, and good habits.

For example, get a calendar and schedule family playdates involving outdoor activities, movies, shopping, whatever you believe will cater for a closer bond with your kids. Plus, invite your children to help.

“Let them choose,” says Moyses. “Block out that special time, but then say it’s your choice what dad and I are going to do today.”

One simple parenting resolution in hopes to provide better nutrition is to replace an unhealthy snack continually consumed by your kids with one that is heathier. Choose one your child also likes to eat and work to find one that reduces less than ideal calories and fat content.

Parenting resolutions that’ll provide good habits for your kids to have are important to start, like staying off your cell phone while driving. Use your children for motivation and encourage them to hold you accountable, which can help build a foundation that can last as your child gets older.

“There’s tons of research to back this up,” says Moyses. “Involvement of parents not only benefits the kids, but benefits the parents as well because they are also learning about their children, plus, when they get to be a teenager and not wanting to talk to their parents it makes it much more easier and more natural for them to connect.”

It’s never too late to start a few parenting resolutions, but there’s no better time than now.

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