EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Safety is always a concern when it comes to Halloween. That’s why some parents are considering other options to trick or treating.

One of those options is trunk or treating and on Oct. 30, parents and kids filled the parking lot of Ellison Brewery to show off their costumes and get candy.

“Everyone’s doing trunk or treats instead of going around to the neighborhoods,” Aaron Hanson, the owner of Ellison Brewery, said.

Hanson has two young children and said as a parent, events like this help put his mind at ease.

“You kind of don’t know who’s going to be on the other side of the door,” he added. “It’s a walking around thing, carrying kid things. So [trunk or treating], it’s just easier.”

One parent at the event was Kiyuanna Chappell. She said trunk or treating does not replace door-to-door knocking, but it offers another way for her kids to have fun.

“We can be in that kind of like controlled environment as opposed to being on the street, even though I like the traditional way as well,” Chappell said.

Parents are not the only ones who like going trunk or treating. Kyree Griffin was one of the many kids at the event today. He said he likes going door to door and is excited to wear his Ghostface costume for Halloween, but there’s one negative thing about knocking on doors.

“I like getting scooters and riding places and getting candy instead of just walking to houses,” Griffin said. “It takes forever. It’s just boring.”

So whether you go door to door or decide to trunk or treat this year, kids and parents at the event today said they are excited for Halloween day.

“It’s dark and we dress up and you can’t forget the candy,” Griffin said.