VERMONTVILLE, Mich. (WLNS)- Parents brought their demands for more information to Maple Valley Schools’ Board of Education days after staff said a student was found with a weapon. 

Administrators sent a letter to parents on September 20 that a weapon was found in a backpack at Maplewood Elementary in Vermontville. The email says no one was harmed and the threat was immediately contained.

A letter sent the following Friday said details of the incident could not be disclosed but assured that social workers and counselors are in every building and that staff were encouraged to refer students affected by the incident

Tuesday’s meeting brought parents who shared concerns about the timeliness of the update as well as the lack of information. 

Superintendent, Katherine Bertolini, says police are investigating. She added that there are risks of hurting any investigation or process. 

“The next phases of the process are employing the legal system and employing our student code of conduct. Both of those processes could be jeopardized if we fail to give due process to the student involved as well as the legal investigation could be compromised,” said Bertolini.

Maplewood Elementary School in Vermontville.

 “We don’t want to compromise anything because we want to use the full extent of the law. We want to use the full extent of our student code to ensure safety going forward.”

Bertolini said parent questions would be reviewed and a follow-up email would be sent.