Parents, bundle up your kids!


Let’s face it, freezing temperatures are here and will stick around for the next few months. 6 News is here for you to review some basic tips to keep your kids safe while outside. We start with something simple: dressing them appropriately.

When children are not properly dressed for winter conditions, energy from food that is otherwise used to learn, grow, and move is diverted to keeping the internal body core warm. Plus, child experts say young children are less likely to recognize when they’re cold and more likely to lose body heat quickly due to their smaller size.

A nice warm jacket and layers of clothing are amazing, but don’t forget about (or let your child refuse to wear) four essential pieces of winter gear: hats, gloves, socks and scarves. They protect our most vulnerable areas in the cold, in fact, children can lose up to 70% of their body heat if their head isn’t covered.

Cold hands and feet are signs the body is working overtime to keep the essential organs warm enough, so wearing gloves and socks are extremely helpful.

A scarf is sometimes forgotten about, but when used properly, can not only protect your child’s neck, but their nose and mouth as well. This can also increase the temperature of the air they breathe in that can be less harsh on the lungs.

When temperatures are 32 degrees and above it’s safe to be outside when properly dressed. When temperatures are between 13 and 31 degrees, indoor breaks should be scheduled every 20 to 30 minutes. When it’s 13 degrees or colder you should move activities indoors.

One way to convince your child to wear proper winter clothing is to explain that being warm will help them run faster and play longer, and you’re not lying, because it will. Doctors say cold children run out of energy faster than those who are all bundled up.

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