East Lansing, Mich. — For Michigan State football fans, even though it wasn’t the matchup or game many wanted, bowl season could be the ideal scenario.

“Fans often times have to decide between new years plans and going to a bowl game,” said Associate Athletic Director Paul Schlager. “This year you can be home for Christmas, get down to Atlanta, then be back home for New Years.”

For Michigan State rower Kendall Carlin and her family, that’s pretty much the plan.

“We had been wanting to go to the game, something we’d be looking forward to when we knew there was a chance, they’d be in a good bowl game this year,” Carlin said. “So, we heard it was in Georgia and we said, ‘let’s get the car packed up’ and we’re headed down.”

More than 40,000 Spartan grads live in the southeastern part of the country, according to MSU officials.

The president of the Spartan alumni’s Atlanta chapter, Emily Young, says the city is great for mid-Michigan fans to visit.

“We’ve got plenty of hotels near the stadium, if you’re coming with a larger group Atlanta has plenty of Ar BnBs and Vrbos,” Young said. “There’s a bunch of hotels and restaurants right next to the stadium. You can bring the whole family.”

That’s exactly what the Carlins are doing.

“Mom, dad, brother and sister,” Carlin said. “My sister’s going to be a Spartan next year, so five Spartans headed down. “

6 News did some searching and as of Monday afternoon, hotels within two miles of Mercedes Benz stadium start around $160 per night.

Flights, depending on which airline you take and when you go, start around $350 from Detroit or $400 from Lansing.

However, keep in mind, it is a 12-hour drive. That’s why there are no packages through the school this year.

“Because Atlanta is so accessible for fans, we’re going to let them figure out how to get there,” Schager said. “We’re just selling the tickets and we’re going to meet them in Atlanta.”