People living in Downtown Lansing pack their bags ahead of Capitol protest tomorrow


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Some people living in downtown Lansing are feeling uneasy about being near tomorrow’s protest. So, they’re packing their bags.

“Gassed up, tires are good. Got a bag prepped, kinda thing. Just… cause I’m not sticking around,” one downtown resident said.

Shelbie Spear lives downtown and was concerned about tomorrow’s protest.

“It’s like a hurricane. I think that makes sense, because they stormed the Capitol. Like it is a storm that’s coming and I’m pretty scared,” Spear said.

She doesn’t plan on staying tomorrow.

“I’m definitely planning to get out of town during the day. I’m hoping that everything will at least calm down a little bit by the evening. Although maybe it’ll be the opposite,” Spear said.

But her friend, Nicholas Ramazon, said he’s actually not going to leave. He lives near the Capitol and said he may even go check the protest out.

“I wouldn’t mind kind of walking past just to see. Cause I feel like history is being made. There’s a lot that’s going on,” Ramazon said.

But he said from a safe distance.

“I wanna see it but I don’t want to really be a part of it or kind of immersed in the… the danger,” Ramazon said.

The general feeling amongst people living downtown was frustration.

“This is our home. And violence doesn’t serve a purpose and threats don’t and intimidation. And this is where we live and we want to be able to just go for walks,” Carol Traylor said.

No business owners wanted to speak on camera, but said they’ll be closed tomorrow because of the protests.

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