People looking to find ways to keep cool and save money during summer


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Summer-like weather has been in Mid-Michigan for a while now. With the official kickoff of summer we take a look at ways to keep yourself cool. To find relief, people are heading to Jackson’s Nixon Park.

Jackson Parks and Recreation Services Coordinator Joe Hawley said, “we have a lot of different entertainment options you know what our slides, with our water features for the kids, there still is open areas for adults, things like that. So, there’s a little something for everybody. It’s probably the most attractive thing about Nixon Park.”

But, when you aren’t at the water park you can keep the heat off other ways.

Consumers Energy Efficiency Programs Director Ted Ykimoff said, “we’ve seen customers save up to 20-percent on their energy bills by putting in a new central air conditioner. And, really the other low to no cost opportunity is to purchase LED’s in place of incandescent in terms of lighting.”

And, make sure to keep your air conditioning in top shape to avoid costly repairs and sticky nights.

Lammers Heating and Air Conditioning Foreman and Salesperson Andy Honsinger said, “they should have everything serviced once a year. You know we get our cars and their oil changed every three months, but people go a long time without it. We can come out, make sure your coils are clean, your filters are clean, checking your refrigeration levels. That keeps you at your peak efficiency of your air conditioner. If your refrigeration level is low then you’re using a lot more electricity.”

So, whether cooling off by the pool or with a sweet treat, you can also keep money in your wallet by saving energy to enjoy summer.

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