LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Hundreds of people gathered at the Michigan State Capitol on Tuesday with hopes of grabbing the attention of lawmakers to encourage them to pass clean energy legislation.

The day of action is all to help move Michigan toward a greener future, people said the recent poor air quality alerts and dangerous storms are only the beginning of what could be a point of no return.

“We’re seeing the impacts firsthand in Michigan which is supposed to be a climate haven, we’re seeing it with the unsafe air, the flooding, and the extreme weather events,” the Communications Director with the Michigan League of Conservation Voters said.

Recent bills introduced at the capitol would push the state to a fully carbon-free electricity standard by 2035 by including more renewable energy like wind and solar.

Organizers said the goals are why there was such a big turnout for the event.

“Folks want something done about it, and so passing 100% clean energy legislation is a way we can do that. And that’s why folks are coming here today to make their voices heard to their lawmakers,” Dodge said.

Those in attendance agreed and said people need to come together.

“I’m heartened that there are so many people,” attendee Marcie Terwilliger said. “I saw little kids, I saw people older than me, and that’s what we’re all about.”

Meanwhile, those opposed to the legislation released a statement saying it would be foolish to rely 100% on technology like wind and solar.

Regardless, organizers said action needs to be taken.

“The time is now, we have a moment here, it’s urgent. So, that’s why we see right now this is our time to act and this is our time to make sure that Michigan is really leading the charge on this,” Dodge said.

Organizers also said if the legislation moves forward and is passed, it would require the Michigan Public Service Commission to regulate and hold companies accountable for impacts.