People upset after showing up to find City Hall closed


Lansing, Mich (WLNS)– A heat outage forced more than a dozen state buildings to close in Downtown Lansing Wednesday, including City Hall.

In just 15 minutes, at least half a dozen people showed up at City Hall to find the doors were locked and the building was closed.

“When I parked my car I could see through the window that there’s not a line out here. I thought like hmm… I lucked out today… ’til I got to the door,” said Sandra Whitehead, after trying to drop off her property tax payment.

Whitehead was hoping to pay her taxes a couple days early to avoid the line, but now she’ll have to come back.

“It’s a little disappointing,” Whitehead said.

Others were a bit more frustrated by the closure.

“I’m here at Lansing City Hall for eviction on my apartment at Waverly Park Apartments and find out they are closed and nobody told me,” Brandi Brewer said.

Not only is Brewer facing eviction, her truck recently broke down.

“I walked all the way from Holt to city hall,” Brewer said, adding that it took her 3 hours to get there on foot.

Fortunately, Whitehead offered to give Brewer a ride home, but now she has to figure out what happens next.

“I’m hoping my apartment complex lets me know something,” Brewer said.

LCC’s downtown campus and the State Capitol building were also closed, in addition to many other buildings.

The heat has since been restored and according to a statement from the Michigan Department of Technology Management and Budget, all downtown Lansing state office buildings will be open on Thursday for normal operations.

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