WASHINGTON, D.C. (WLNS) — Legislation introduced by Sen. Gary Peters is heading to the desk of President Biden.

The BRIGHT Act, which passed through the Senate and the House of Representatives, is now on its way to be signed into law by President Biden.

BRIGHT stands for Bulb Replacement Improving Government with High-Efficiency Technology.

The act requires the General Services Administration to make sure that public buildings are using the most life-cycle cost-effective and energy-efficient tech.

“Using energy-efficient light bulbs in public buildings will not only improve the federal government’s energy efficiency and help address climate change, it will also save taxpayer dollars,” said Sen. Peters. “Now that this commonsense legislation has passed the House, I look forward to seeing the President sign it into law.”

The bill additionally requires the General Services Administration to issue guidance to federal agencies, and state, local and Tribal entities to further streamline efficiency and effectiveness across government.

Reports by the General Services Administration calculated that switching to LED lightbulbs would result in millions of dollars in cost savings due to their superior lifespan and energy efficiency.