Pit Bull Put Down After Biting Teenager


INGHAM COUNTY, MI (WLNS)  – A Pit Bull has been humanely euthanized according to the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter after he bit a teenager.

The Lansing Police Department responded to the call at 6:32 p.m. Wednesday night. When they arrived, a teenager was found bitten by the Pit Bull and taken to McLaren Hospital.

Ingham County took over the case and says two boys were playing in the basement of a home unsupervised when the teen was bitten. The owner turned his dog over to Animal Control, where he was euthanized.

At this time there are no reports on the extent of the teenagers injuries and no word on if they have been released or not.

Now officials want to remind people to look out for warning signs a dog is going to bite.

“With a dog you can have a stiff posture, growling, hair on their back curl up, their ears go flat back, their tail tucked, usually there’s going to be some kind of sign that dogs communicating with you to back off,” Deputy Director, Anne Burns says.

However, if you have been bitten Animal Control says to find a safe place, immediately wash the bitten area with soap and water, contact your physician and then call Animal Control.

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