LAINGSBURG, Mich. (WLNS) – There are athletes who are fast, and then there’s breaking-a-school-record-as-a-sophomore, fast. Laingsburg sophomore, Jack Borgman, broke the Wolfpack’s 100-meter dash record this past week with a time of 11.49.

The moment it happened was a kind of a blur and when we asked Jack his reaction to his record-breaking run, he couldn’t believe it.

“I was shocked, I’d just got done sprinting and I went over to the table I waited a second I was catching my breath and then I walked over to the table and I asked ‘do you know what that time was, I felt like I was moving pretty quick on that one,'” said Jack. “They were like, ’11:49’ I’m like, wow that’s I think that’s the school record ‘ I was not expecting that like it just shocked me to hear that.”

Jack’s dad and head coach Brian Borgman, didn’t get a chance to watch the race since he was setting up his next runners in their blocks but he was just as overjoyed when Jack ran back to tell him the news.

“He came back and he was jumping up and down he’s like, ‘dad I did it in 11:49’ and I was like ‘get out of here’ so he was pretty excited about it and I was really excited and it was so cool to his mom actually got it on video so I could actually see it, it was pretty cool it was a really cool moment,” said Coach Borgman.

Being able to set a new school record as only a sophomore isn’t something that’s just done individually, it’s taken a full team effort of Laingsburg’s athletes pushing each other each day. To Jack, it means so much more to him knowing how hard his teammates pushed him and seeing that hard work pay off.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be honest just going to the weight room trying to workout every single day try to get good workouts in try to stretch after try to take care of your body and trying to just work hard every day pushing your teammates is a big help too because if you make your teammates better it helps you get better,” said Jack.

“That’s music to my ears that’s the best you can have when some of your better athletes are that competitive but in a good way with each other and I wanna beat you and no I’m gonna beat you…good things happen when your athletes have that type of mentality,” said Coach Borgman.