PORTLAND, Mich (WLNS) – In the 60 years since the Dean Shippey Capital Diamond Classic began in Mid-Michigan, there have been plenty of historic moments. When Portland’s Trent Trierweiler stepped up the plate in the bottom of the 7th and final inning, in a tie game, with the bases loaded, it was his turn to make a memory.

Trent sent a shot into deep right field which dropped for a game-winning walk-off single, beating Grand Ledge, 9-8. This huge win reminding of us how anything can happen in sports.

A team from Portland that has never won the Diamond Classic but just knocked off Grand Ledge who’s not only won 10 of the last 12 tournaments but was three-time defending champions. For Trent, it was simply a moment he’ll never forget.

“Oh it was unreal honestly uh watching that ball I saw them both turn their backs too and I knew it was getting down and it was an amazing feeling,” said Trent. “It’s everything every baseball player wants, bottom of the 7th bases-loaded game on the line, it’s every baseball player’s dream.”

Trent’s head coach, who just so happens to be his dad Chris Trierweiler, also saw it as a dream come true.

“Obviously it’s every parent’s dream but like I said as a coach, you obviously kinda you know you dream of the moments you kinda try to prepare them as a coach as a parent, and obviously when they come into those positions you hope they capitalize on it and obviously when they do capitalize on it, it definitely puts a little warmness in your heart so it was a special moment for sure,” said Coach Chris.

When game-on-the-line opportunities have come up this season, the Raiders have been eager to make the most out of them.

“It’s honestly the moments we want to be in it’s the moments we talk about always wanting to be and so we showed with two out giving up those two hits and end with the walk-off there it’s I don’t wanna say the clutchness or like determination of what we can do especially putting things together with two outs or coming to the plate making big plays,” said Trent.

“Big players make big plays and you as a player a big player them are the opportunities you want to be put in and we haven’t capitalized on them all don’t get me wrong we’ve kind of shot ourselves in the foot but you know we’re very thankful to have the ones where we really come up on top,” said Coach Chris.