Plow drivers work to clear the way for drivers in Clinton County


This latest winter blast brought slick driving conditions along with it and this morning that prompted schools across the area to cancel class.

Whipping winds and snow covered roads create a difficult morning commute for drivers and a big job for those behind the wheel of a salt truck.

“We’ve been down a lot of the roads already and it’s been snowing so hard and it’s blowing so hard, it makes it look like we haven’t even been out there,” says Joe Pulver, Managing Director of the Clinton County Road Commission.

Pulver says crews started laying salt down on the roads around 5am.

“With this rain that we had, it wiped off any residual we had of salt being on the road and so you had basically the bare pavement,” says Pulver.

Pulver says that first layer of salt helps later on if snow falls on top.

“It will strip off a lot easier when you go to clean it off because it’s kind of like a Teflon pan with a little bit of oil,” says Pulver.

As of this afternoon, Pulver says there were about 27 trucks on the ground as well as 3 graders.

Crews start with state highways, then expand to main roads, intersections, and subdivisions.

So when you see those flashing lights out on the roadways, Pulver asks that drivers give them space to get the job done.

“They’ve got a lot going on inside the cabin, so they’ve got a lot of levers and mirrors, and everything else so they try to keep track of where everybody’s at but give them room to move over and let them do what they need to do,” says Pulver.

Pulver says his crews will continue to work into the night hours to touch up the roads and asks that drivers remain patient in the meantime.

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