LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Hours after being featured on 6 News, a man accused of ripping people off with his tree trimming business is in jail tonight.

Sounds of cheering and clapping could be heard from a group of people in response to the arrest of JD Earl Gibson. A man they say turned their lives upside down.

Jeffrey, Clint, Keli, Jenny, Michael, Charlene and Emerson said that they wish they had met each other under better circumstances, but that they’re glad that they did.

“Now we’re all uniting together. A number of us. I’m calling the attorney general, I’m filing a small claims suit, I’m calling WLNS and it just kept building and building from there,” Michael Henrici said.

Henrici told 6 News that he lost more than $5,000 working with Gibson.

“I went on the internet called some people, JD responded, came out,” he said.

And after giving him a $2,500 down payment to have a few trees cut.

“I hate to give him credit but there’s a lot of work on my place that was done,” Henrici said.

But then, Henrici said Gibson never came back to finish the job.

“Then I started getting excuses and the no-shows and I had already paid him,” he said.

Henrici said he never thought he’d see Gibson again. That was until he showed up on 6 News yesterday.

“Is that him? We just couldn’t believe the hubris of that man to want to go on and tell this story,” he said.

Yesterday, Gibson told 6 News that he never meant to rip people off and that it was all a misunderstanding.

“I’m sorry. I feel really bad this has went this far,” Gibson said.

Clint Miller said that he has known Gibson for years and that he has a long history of being dishonest and taking from others. Miller said Gibson was a regular customer in his store and that he would buy a few items and then pay it off. But then Miller said that the payments started coming in later and then not at all.

“It’s the same JD. He’s been this way since I’ve known him. Starts off the same way. Good customer, a good person to work with and then everything just turns left field,” Miller said.