LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s the call that every parent and police officer dreads: a school shooting in their city or town.

It happened in Okemos as well as seven other districts across Michigan.

Thankfully, the calls were a hoax.

And now that it’s over, police had a chance to assess their response to a situation they’ve trained for.

So how did they do?

“Everybody performed very very very well,” said Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth.

Police officials are commending both Okemos High School and first responders for what they say was an exceptional response to an active shooter threat.

“We heard nothing, we saw nothing, you would think in an active shooter situation there would be some screams some yells, there would be kids running out of the building we saw none of that,” said Wriggelsworth.

“They said that there were people that were shot, and the violence was still ongoing. When an incident like this occurs it’s an all hands on deck situation you know, units just start responding who are available from all over the county,” said Meridian Township Police Captain Rick Grillo.

Meridian Township police were first on the scene. They were inside the high school within three minutes of the hoax call, and within six minutes had cleared the room where supposedly the shooting happened.

Meridian police said it’s all thanks to previous training and plans set in place with the schools.

“As you can see it takes a lot of people to manage this type of situation. You can insert an officer from Lansing Township, you can insert an officer from Williamston, from Meridian Township, and we all know what to do because we all have the same type of training, and we do train on it frequently,” said Grillo.

As for the school, they made it much easier for all parties involved.

“The faculty at the school, fantastic job I can’t speak volumes enough they really made a huge difference in the response for us, as well as the ongoing safety of the kids that go to the school,” said Grillo.

Meridian Police said they will debrief with all of their Ingham county partners that were involved in the incident.