Police boost up security during race weekend in Brooklyn


BROOKLYN, Mich. (WLNS) – Hundreds of thousands of race car fans will be flocking to Brooklyn this weekend for big races at the Michigan International Speedway.

Michigan State Police say their main concern is traffic flow and getting people in and out of the area as safely as possible.

They’ve brought in extra patrol cars from posts all around the state for the busy weekend.

“We have a large, increased amount of traffic in the area, much more than the roads are built for,” said Michigan State Police Lieutenant Jim Jarrett.

Jarrett says with it being race weekend at M.I.S., Brooklyn is seeing way more people than the village does on a normal day.

“It’s our duty to make sure that we are trying to keep the roadways in the area as safe and secure as possible,” said Jarrett.

Jarrett says with large events like this one often being targeted by acts of terrorism in places all around the country, the state police brought in its bomb squad and aviation unit to stay extra prepared.

“Unfortunately, nowadays, you got to make sure we cover all of the basis,” said Jarrett. “We have a large number of people out here at an event like this. Anytime we have a large gathering of people in the state or anywhere, we need to take all measures to ensure that it’s the safest possible event that it could be.”

A big event like this coming to such a  small town is something he says takes a lot of man power. But his department, and others all around the state, are ramping up efforting to ensure everyone stays safe.    

“The increased number of Michigan citizens, as well as citizens from other states and other countries, Canada, there’s a large number of race fans that come to this area,” said Jarrett.

With Nascar races on the track both this weekend and in August, Jarrett says the Michigan State Police and members of the community plan all year long. After race weekend in August, police and organizers will start planning for the next year.

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