Police bust big illegal marijuana grow operation in suburban neighborhood


SUMMIT TWP, Mich. (WLNS) — You just never know what could be going on inside your neighbor’s home.

A neighborhood in Jackson County has learned that first hand after police raided a neighbor’s house.

6 News has the details on a major drug bust in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Summit Township.

Neighbors on Kathmar Drive say over the past year they’ve experienced strange smells coming from a house.

“Every three weeks we had a smell or an odor that was very skunky. Neighbors and I had guessed it was probably a grow house,” said neighbor Brenda Aubrey.

Their suspicions were confirmed Tuesday night when officers from the Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team raided the house and found an illegal marijuana growing operation.

Authorities started investigating the house after getting multiple smell complaints from neighbors.

In the basement, officers found nearly 100 marijuana plants and 15 lbs. of processed weed.

Investigators say two men in their 20s, who are both from Miami, Florida, were renting the house.

One of them was arrested in the raid, but the other is still on the loose.

Neighbors say the men were quiet and rarely seen.

However, they did notice strange activity.

“There were just a lot of comings and goings and different deliveries. Semis would backup in front of the house, which was kind of strange,” said neighbor Greg Strohm.

The house is located in a quiet suburban area outside the city of Jackson.

Neighbors believe the men could have been using this off the radar location to their advantage.

“It’s off the beaten path, and probably if there hadn’t been the odor, no one would have speculated what was happening,” Aubrey said. “It’s just a really quiet family neighborhood with a lot of kids on bikes, a lot of retired folks so it was really just kind of surprising.”

Authorities continue to investigate this drug operation to see if it’s a part of a larger enterprise.

“I’m just glad it’s over. Too bad it didn’t happen sooner,” Strohm said.

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