LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — If you’re spending or receiving $100 bills in Grand Ledge, local police want you to do a double take to make sure you don’t get stuck with phony cash.

The Grand Ledge Police Department released a notice on Friday about counterfeit $100 bills appearing in the Grand Ledge community.

The Grand Ledge Police Department is warning about the appearance of counterfeit $100 bills popping up in town. (Photo/Grand Ledge Police).

Grand Ledge police say they are investigating “numerous occasions” of counterfeit bills being passed around town. The department’s statement warns people to be vigilant, and if you’re an employer or supervisor, remind staff members to take extra care when handling cash.

If you have any information or encounter counterfeit money, you may call the Grand Ledge Police Department at 517-267-2115. More information about counterfeit money can be found here.