LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lansing police are investigating racist graffiti that was sprayed on a home along Lake Lansing Rd.

According to Jon Levy, a black man who is one of two renters at the house, he came home Thursday night around 10 and saw the graffiti on the back door.


The graffiti on Levy’s door included the word “rent,” an anti-black racial term and the phrase “crackhead.”

Levy said he did call Lansing police Thursday night, but claims he was told to just file a report online. Levy did not file the report Thursday night but did decide to sleep in his car overnight. It wasn’t until Friday morning when he saw there was also racist graffiti on the front of the home and a window.

Levy did file the online report to police Friday morning and officers did show up to talk with him and the other tenant in the home.

Police said the charge for this could be Ethnic Intimidation which would be a felony.

6 News is working to confirm more details of this event and will update this article as needed.