Police investigating threat made to Grand Ledge High School


An all-too familiar sight, police at a school in mid-michigan are investigating yet another threat. This time the threat was directed at Grand Ledge High School.

A message found on a bathroom wall and the school district raised the security level at all three school in the area while officers came out to investigate.

“Even if it’s a prank it’s better to be safe than sorry, you never know,” said Brad Payne. His girlfriends works for the high school.

If you were around the high school around 10 a.m., you saw it. The school was surrounded by police and ambulances.

Payne said, “I was anxious to get here to see what was going on to see how serious it looked.”

Payne’s girlfriend, a substitute teacher at the school, sent him a text saying a threat was made.

“There’s been a lot of shootings like, in the last several years, so you never know,” added Payne.

Students discovered the threat written on a bathroom wall. 

“And immediately approached our administrators,” said Grand Ledge Public School Director of Communications John Ellsworth. “That’s exactly the response that we want from our community.”

The school increased securtity and put the school under a shelter in place order.

“I’m happy that we have those processes already in place,” said Ellsworth. “I’m happy that we have all the law enforcement agencies there to responded promptly and it’s good to know the students take it seriously.”

Grand Ledge police, Eaton county sheriff’s deputies, and Michigan State police were on scene.

“That cost a lot of money, you’re wasting a lot of time, there’s other stuff a lot of people could be doing if it is a prank,” Payne said. 

Which turned out to be the case. 

“This was not a credible threat,” Ellsworth said. “We did a thorough sweep of the school even in some maintenance areas and things to make sure everything was hunky dory.”

Police and school administrators are still investigating and Ellsworth added that, “we do believe we know who wrote it.”

He said the student responsible is in serious trouble.

“We want to build a positive community and those kind of behaviors or actions aren’t the best way to do it,” Ellsworth said.

“Whoever did it is going to end up getting caught,” Payne said. “When that happens, they’re going to see how serious it is and I think that will be a wake up call to a lot of people especially at this school.”

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