Police looking to pull over left lane highway hogs


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — We have a warning for drivers who like to overstay their welcome in the left lane of the highway.

Michigan State Police are on the lookout for people who use the left lane for more than just passing.

Hogging the left lane of traffic on the highway is something we’ve all done at some point.

But this does more than just frustrate fellow drivers, it breaks the law.

“This law is definitely created from a safety standpoint,” said Trooper Scott Allen from Michigan State Police, Lansing Post.

This week, state police in the Grand Rapids area launched a campaign to crack down on left lane drivers.

Their effort brings an issue to light that the MSP Lansing post says they’re always looking for.

Troopers say it’s a simple rule that drivers often forget.

On a two lane highway, the right side is for driving and the left is for passing.

“This allows the left lane for passing only, or if there are emergency responders, construction on the right hand lane,” Allen said.

Trooper Scott Allen says driving in the left lane can cause big slowdowns that can lead to accidents or road rage incidents.

Driving in the left lane for a considerable period of time is a civil infraction, meaning you could get a ticket.

“Depending on the infraction there could be points as well as fines,” Allen said. “It may be something as simple as a verbal warning, just to educate them on it so they understand going forward.”

Police want drivers to know that staying safe on the road is more than just watching your speed.

“It’s just trying to increase traffic safety and prevent accidents from occurring,” Allen said.

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