EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – In July, Michigan State University stopped payments from its’ healing assistance fund over fraud concerns.        

The $10 million fund’s purpose was to provide support for victims of Larry Nassar’s abuse by helping pay for resources such as counseling and mental health services.

But a survivor and her attorney are speaking out, wondering why this fund is not yet back up and running.

Larry Nassar survivor Trinea Gonczar says when the fund was originally shut down, university officials told her it would be for only two weeks.

But now it’s been almost two months, and she wants to know why many are being punished over the actions of just a few.

“There’s three hundred and some other girls that aren’t able to get help now because of these other ones,” said Gonczar.

Gonczar says since Michigan State University stopped funding counseling services for victims, the road to recovery has been tough.

“It’s almost like we’re back at square one, and you feel like you’re starting over and you’re re-victimized and you’re back in the trenches all over again,” said Gonczar.

University officials said in July they’re stopping payments from the healing assistance fund over fraud concerns.

“There’s no allegation that’s actually a victim, or a survivor,” said MSU Interim President John Engler.

6 News caught up with Engler recently, who says the university handed the investigation over to campus police.

He says, to his knowledge, the potential fraud doesn’t stem from a Nassar survivor.

“There might be family members, in one case, maybe an estranged member of the family,” said Engler.

Gonczar’s attorney, Mick Grewal, represents more than one hundred Larry Nassar victims. He says the university should still provide funding while police investigate.

“Imagine having the courage to go talk to somebody to get help, and you’re getting that help, and all of a sudden you can’t do it anymore,” said Grewal.

That’s why Grewal says he’s going to continue fighting for his clients until they get the support they need.

“This is not the way it should be,” said Grewal. “These women need help, and if Michigan State University is not going to do the right thing once again, why did we settle with them?”

An MSU official said today that they aren’t going to share their findings about the fund since it’s part of an ongoing investigation.

Before the fund was put on hold, it paid more than one million dollars to sexual assault victims seeking help.