Police prep for MSU game & St. Patrick’s Day celebrations


 With the MSU game on Friday and St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, Spartan fans are out in full force.

East Lansing Police say during weekends like this, they bring in extra law enforcement to help patrol the area and while officers want people to have a good time, they say safety is their top priority and they’ll be keeping an eye out.

“I think tonight will be a fairly slow night but I think tomorrow night will pick up,” said Sgt. Thomas Blanck.

There may be two huge celebrations this weekend, but Sgt. Blanck says it’s nothing the department can’t handle.

“We look at prior years, make some decisions based on that as well, weather we also take in to account, it’s a little bit cooler this year. If you remember a couple years, maybe 3 years ago, we had a 70 or 80 degree day for St. Patrick’s Day and it was extremely busy,” Sgt. Blanck stated.

With East Lansing bars opening their doors at the crack of dawn on St. Patrick’s Day, Sgt. Blanck says officers will be scoping out the area all day and all night.

“We are looking for people who may be walking down the sidewalk that look like they might be in a little bit of trouble as far as alcohol consumption, people out causing a problem, sometimes the alcohol may cause people to get a little bit out of control maybe a few fights here and there things like that, but in general St. Patrick’s Day goes pretty well for us,” said Sgt. Blanck.

But with that being said, Sgt. Blanck wants to remind everyone enjoying Saturday’s festivities to…

“Have a great time, be careful about what you’re doing, pace yourselves if you’re out drinking, obviously if you’re going to be driving don’t be drinking or have a designated driver.”

Sgt. Blanck says usually bars will be packed in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day, taper off in the afternoon but pick back up at night.

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