Police Prepare For MSU Game Results


(WLNS) – We’ve seen it before, couches lighting up and crowds growing after a big basketball game.

“Alot of dumpster fires, couch fires that they’re dragging outside trash fires,” said Deputy Chief Troy Brya, East Lansing Fire Department.

Now with a Sweet 16 game hours away East Lansing first responders are on their toes.

“The deeper they go into the tournament the more officers we have on duty.”

“If we end up going to the final four we could riot again like we did last year for the Ohio State Game,” said Matt Miller, MSU student.

Big Ten game nights have proven to be busy in the past. The fire department sees doubles the calls, triple when things get out of hand.

But when crowds flood the streets it’s hard for firefighters to put out the flames.

“We rely on the police a lot. A lot of the time we have a mounted division, they’ll come down here and they’ll clear out the crowds and allow us to come in but if it’s too dangerous we won’t go in.”

Even standing in the way could mean arrest.

If a fire breaks out here you have to be a football field’s length away, if you’re not, you’re breaking the law.

“You are subject to arrest under our disorderly conduct code our suggestion is if you’re in a crowd and a fire does start whether it’s a simple couch fire or larger we urge you to leave immediately,” said Lt. Steve Gonzales, East Lansing Police Department.

“We expect that you’re going to celebrate that’s okay just do it responsibly and don’t do anything you’re going to regret.”

The police are not the only one holding fans accountable for their behavior.

Michigan State University says it will hold students to the student code of conduct and have suspended, even expelled students for bad behavior in the in the past.

They’re hoping Friday; students represent the university and celebrate responsibly.

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