Police, prosecutor give conflicting reports on John Geddert investigation


The Michigan State Police has completed its investigation into former Twistars owner, John Geddert.

In fact, MSP Detective First Lt. Tom DeClercq said investigators turned over the findings of that investigation to the Eaton County Prosecutors Office back in April.

But when 6 News asked the prosecutor’s office on Monday if it had any documents related to the MSP investigation, the Eaton County chief assistant prosecutor responded by saying “No.”

6 News also asked the prosecutor’s office why we’re getting conflicting stories about that investigation, but still have not heard back.

Geddert has been investigated by the Michigan State Police twice before, once in 2011 and 2013.

While they were different cases, both of them involved allegations of assault and battery.

According to the county’s chief assistant prosecutor, the case in 2011 was denied because the physical contact between Geddert and the alleged victim did not constitute as an assault and could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

In 2013, the Eaton County Prosecutor said that he had enough evidence to charge Geddert with assault and battery against a juvenile, but allowed Geddert to seek counseling instead.

Prosecutor Doug Llyod said a determination was made to resolve the case, short of a plea.

Right now, the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office is also conducting an investigation into Geddert, one that was re-opened in February and prompted by testimony heard during Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing in Eaton County.

According to police reports obtained by 6 News, the investigation originally opened back in March of 2017, when the MSU Police heard accusations of child abuse against Geddert.

After seven months of investigating Geddert for allegations of “simple assault,” the detective closed the case “pending any further contact, potential witnesses, or victims coming forward.”

It’s been nearly nine months since investigators reopened the case. Several parents of alleged victims say they’ve been following up with investigators on a weekly basis to find out what’s happening with it.

They spoke with 6 News under the condition they would remain anonymous out of fear of their safety.

One parent of a gymnast said she’s frustrated at the “delays” by Eaton County after “learning from MSP that their investigation is complete and has turned in over a two-and-a-half inch thick binder to the prosecutor’s office.”

She continued by saying “This is MSU all over again, how loud do people need to scream to draw attention to John Geddert and his years of physical and mental abuse?”

“It is extremely frustrating and disappointing that the investigation is taking this long,” another parent of a gymnast said. “We know that they have enough evidence so we are not sure why they are not pressing charges yet. Most of us parents are in communication with each other and call frequently for updates. Only to get “the case is still open as an answer.”

During Nassar’s sentencing hearings in both Ingham and Eaton County, 6 News heard testimony from dozens of women who said they were also victimized by Geddert.

The women said they suffered from injuries that were so bad, some had to end their careers and even forced two teenage gymnasts to attempt suicide.

When asked about the status of the Eaton County investigation last week, Undersheriff Jeff Cook released the following statement:

“We realize that the lengthy investigation has been frustrating to some of those who have come forward with information about John Geddert, and want to see this case move forward. This case has involved numerous interviews and a vast amount of information to be documented. We are preparing an extensive investigation report, which will be turned over to the Eaton County Prosecutor for review once the investigation has concluded.

This investigation is ongoing. We ask anyone with information about this case to contact the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office so that this information can be included with our report to the Eaton County Prosecutor.

In September, the U.S. Center for Safe Sport temporarily suspended Geddert while investigators look into allegations of misconduct. No other details about that investigation were released.

Geddert was also suspended from USA Gymnastics earlier this year, after its leaders said he violated the organization’s Safe Sport policies.

One day later, he sent a letter to members of the Twistars gym and their families, saying he’s retiring.

This is a developing story.

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