Police search for suspects behind destruction following MSU’s win over Michigan


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Couch fires and a destroyed car were just some of the police calls this past weekend in East Lansing. Now the search for those responsible for the destruction is underway.

The East Lansing Police Department is asking for help identifying those involved in this weekend’s riots after the Michigan/Michigan State game.

The department posted several photos and videos asking if you know something to report it.

A video posted by the East Lansing police department shows people in Cedar Village rocking a car back and forth until it flipped over. They hope posting the video and other images on social media will help them track the suspects down.

The search is on for those involved in weekend destruction in East Lansing.

“Whether it was the large scale fires, the widespread property destructions and some of the instigators to that behavior were attempting to identify so that we can appropriately hold them accountable for that”

ELPD Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez says the department decided to release photos and videos of some of the actions as they look for leads to find who’s responsible.

The fires set and cars flipped over can carry some serious charges.

“Anything from malicious destruction property charge a disorderly conduct charge, when it comes to fires can actually be charged those individuals can be charged with an arson crime.”

Cheif Gonzales says those charges will be filed on a case by case basis as they determine who did what and when

“I actually know who got their car flipped.”

Kelsey robinson is a junior at MSU. She says she knows the person who’s car was damaged over the weekend and hopes those involved are found and held responsible.

“There should definitely be some type of consequence either with the law and some type of consequence with the school and they should have to pay for what they did cause there is plenty of video and evidence to do that.”

ELPD responded to a total of 349 calls on Saturday.

They made 5 arrested and gave out 20 citations.

Chef Gonzalez says every piece of evidence will be reviewed

“We received a lot of different, video, photo social media posts from community members.”

Chief Gonzalez says ELPD is working with the University to try to see if anyone involved was a MSU student.

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