LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – In one of the most expensive congressional races in the country, Democrat Ellisa Slotkin met her GOP opponent Tom Barrett in their first TV meeting.

Up until now, the two contenders for the mid-Michigan congressional seat have faced off only in their tv advertising.

On Sunday, Barret and Slotkin met in a Detroit TV studio and did it in person.

On a state grant to GM to build electric vehicles, Barrett is against it. Slotkin is for it.

On the pocketbook inflation issue, Barrett blames the president for feeding the inflation bug. Slotkin counters the president has a program to fight inflation.

Barrett denied using money from his State Senate account to run for Congress and Slotkin denied any wrongdoing by renting a Lansing condo from a businessman whose company lobbies for Congress.

On the abortion issue, Barrett asserts he is pro-life except to save the life of the mother but repeatedly refused to say if he favored exemptions for rape and incest.

“My opponent will not talk about children and people who were raped. He won’t talk about incest,” said Slotkin.

If China invades Taiwan would they send in U.S. troops to help?

“I think we have to let countries defend themselves,” said Barrett.

Slotkin thought differently.

“I would be ready to engage,” said Slotkin.

The second TV debate will be on Oct. 6 here on WLNS.