LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Gun control is a controversial topic in our country at the moment, and here in Michigan, a newly released poll shows that most people think gun laws need to be more strict.

The poll by EPIC-MRA covered 13 specific gun safety proposals, and 8 of them showed support across the board including Democrats, Republicans, Independents, gun owners, CPL license holders and NRA members.

EPIC MRA President Bernie Porn tells 6 News, he was surprised to find support ranging from different views.

“We tested 13 different proposals for gun safety,” he said. “Ranging from expanded background checks to proposals to limit the magazine size.”

It shows 43% saying current Michigan laws regarding the purchase and ownership of guns are not strict enough. While 42% said they’re about right and only 7% said they are too short.

When it comes to protecting the rights of people to own firearms, or, to address gun violence, 49% said addressing gun violence is more important, while 41% said it’s more important to protect the rights of people to own firearms.

“And a lot of this reaction I think is, right here in Michigan, having the gun violence and the loss of lives at Oxford Schools, and all of the other things that have happened in terms of gun violence,” the EPIC MRA President said.

Porn said he thinks topics like these will draw out more to the elections.

“And I think that, the other thing democrats are very enthused and motivated to participate in the election is because of these issues,” he said.