Portland flood warnings get extended to Friday


The flood warning in Portland that was suppose to end this afternoon, has been extended to this Friday at 1:30 pm.

The weather over the past few weeks have been a tug of war with Mother Nature. From a polar vortex to temperatures in the 50s, back to ice, it’s hard to predict the future weather.

The extension comes after a concern of flooding this week in the Grand River due to rising temperatures coming this week.

“That thaw if you will could result in some new flood waters in coming so we want to be prepared,” said Portland City Manager, Tutt Gorman.

Gorman says even though the water levels are declining in the river, that doesn’t mean the worry of flooding is over.

“We want people to understand that this is not a typical flood event,” said Gorman.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency last week for Portland due to the flooding, and the city issued a warning for residents to keep their eyes on the ice and water levels.

With the extension, one local store is trying to help the community out. A lot of residents have had to evacuate in the last few weeks due to high water levels and some even have had severe flooding in their basements. Manager of the Family Farm& House, Tara Botner, says they wanted to do anything they can, and doubled up on their orders of water pumps and other materials needed to get water out of a home.

“It’s a hectic time and we just want to have everything that they need, people are been in and out several times a day you know just you know making sure that they’re pumping water,” said Botner.

One worker at the store says he’s all too familiar with the floods in Portland. He was evacuated a few weeks ago but has returned to his home. He says he didn’t get an official evacuation notice but local firefighters were warning residents to take caution.

After returning home, he says he never thought about what happened if they had to get evacuated again.

“If we get evacuated again, it’ll probably just be about the same thing we did, just pack up the essentials and go to my parents,” said Graham Ferris.

6 News will continue to follow the story in Portland and let you know if there are any more updates.

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