LANSING, MI (WLNS)- One, two, and three strikes for the Lansing Lugnuts.

Friday the Lugnuts had to postpone a doubleheader due to bad weather conditions and dropping temps mean dropping dollars.

“When you can’t open up for the Michigan State game there’s, there’s no crowd, there’s no experience, so it hurts the business, and it hurts the fans” Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, voice of the Lansing Lugnuts said.

According to Goldberg-Strassler, the Crosstown Showdown that had been scheduled for Wednesday is always record breaking in attendance, and the team is still trying to get the season’s first pitch in.

“And when you consider that we have 6,000 seats in this ballpark, how many people that is, no, we want that game to happen,” Goldberg-Strassler said.

As fans strike out, nearly 150 employees do too.

“When you picture the ushers, and the box office, and the cash managers and everyone who works in food services…. we’ve got a lot of staff that work here to make sure your experience is a great one” Goldberg-Strassler said.

But even with fans and employees left in the cold, Golder-Strassler tells 6 News, baseball isn’t like football and the players need decent weather to perform well.

“Baseball is a field sport, you want make sure that that Picher has a good view of that fast ball because he’s got to control it… we don’t want our guys to get injured” Jesse Goldberg-Strassler said.

According to Goldberg-Strassler, the baseball players want to play too.

As for the voice of the Lugnuts, he has a message for mother nature, “Send us into some 60’s, ease us into some 70’s, if you feel the need for a couple of 90s in mid-July that’s alright, but right now this is just too chilly!” Goldberg-Strassler said.

Lansing Lugnuts plan on rescheduling the game with Michigan State, and until then they hope to eventually play some ball.