LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Hundreds gathered at Potter Park Zoo for its annual Red Panda Day on Sunday. This comes a day after International Red Panda Day, Sept. 16. The zoo says its goal is to raise awareness about the endangered species.

These cute little guys, sadly, are being targeted by poachers to sell them in the exotic pet trade. Today, Potter Park Zoo had multiple stations throughout the park to educate people on the problem.

Even though they look cute and snuggly, these animals are not pets and actually hate being petted. But if you would like to see them in person, the zoo has a family of three.

“This is Wilson. Wilson is our youngest red panda,” said Annie Marcum, Lead Zookeeper for Carnivores and Primates at Potter Park Zoo. “He was born here last summer at Potter Park Zoo. He lives with his mom, Maliha. They share space all the time. They’re out in the big space today. We have a smaller space in there that is a little bit separate. In there is Deagen–that’s Wilson’s dad.”

Next Sunday, Potter Park Zoo is hosting a World Rhino Day Celebration.