It can be easy for people to experience a sensory overload in places that are bright, noisy or crowded space, but Potter Park Zoo in Lansing I hope to accommodate more visitors.

They are now providing sensitive bags that include noise canceling headphones, verbal cue cards and even sunglasses.

There are signs around the park that gives visits a heads up on noisy places and crowded places. There is also a quiet room for people who need their own place.

Community engagement coordinator for Potter Park zoo, Mariah Martinez, says she thinks people are intimidated to come to the zoo and hopes to see more faces.

People can feel welcomed and feel comfortable here, all the time, and maybe they didn’t feel that before, and by being sensory inclusive, it lets them know that we’re trained, we care, and we have the things on site to help them, said Martinez.

Some other sensory inclusive places in Michigan include, Little Caesars Arena, and Fox Theatre in Detroit.