PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2016: 15 Republicans, 5 Democrats, 1 top spot


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It’s not even 2016, but the way the presidential race is going, you’d think the vote was tomorrow.

Today, Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker threw his hat in the ring.

Time will tell if Walker will put mid-Michigan on his list of campaign stops, but we’ve already been a popular landing spot for republican candidates.

Rand Paul made a stop in Dewitt on Saturday, Jeb Bush was in Lansing to tour Emergent Bio-solutions back in May and Ted Cruz stopped in Howell last month.

As you know, the primary election sorts out the weak from the strong, the popular to the not so popular, especially when you have a pool of 15 Republican candidates battling for the top spot.

6 News spoke with Kelly Rossman and John Truscott, public relations experts who have also worked closely on political campaigns, they weighed in on where the presidential campaign stands right now, and what we can expect in the future.

“I think what happens is a lot of people get in and then once the money starts to dry up, then they’ll fade away,” President of Truscott Rossman, John Truscott said. “So I think by fall we’ll see it dwindle down to probably half the pack that’s there right now.”

15 republicans, 5 democrats, all fighting for one spot in the 2016 presidential election

“I can’t remember though, a point in time where there really seemed to be this many candidates,” Kelly Rossman, CEO of Truscott Rossman said.

“I do think republicans have better answers in terms of turning around the economy in terms of national security and things like that,” Truscott said. “I do think the Clinton campaign is going to have a lot of questions.”

And when it comes time to debate those topics, and you have more than a dozen republican candidates, how do you divide up time?

Reporter: How would that work?

Truscott: “It’s almost impossible with a debate like that. You get.. Each person gets 2 comments maybe,” Truscott said.

The primary election virtually sorts out the weak from the strong and as the campaign trail heats up, within months the number 15 will eventually turn into one.

“What looks like a lot of folks right now, won’t look like very many in a couple of months and lots of opportunities for gaffes,” Rossman said.

“Candidates make mistakes early so are they fatal mistakes,” Truscott said. “Do they knock them out of the race? Do they learn from them? Can they move on? So it’s really you have to really treat this as a marathon.”

However, there’s a different type of competition on the democratic side.

“I really think people are treating Hillary Clinton like she’s a shoe in,” Truscott said. “She’s prone to make mistakes.. She’s much better on paper than she is on the campaign trail.”

“She’s got a lot of baggage and the candidates that have a lot of baggage are also the most tried and true,” Rossman said. “I really expect that we’ll have a Clinton/Bush run off, but things could change.”

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