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Private Investigation Into a 2004 Sexual Assault Case Against Larry Nassar Reveals Major Flaws


Brianne Randall-Gay was 17 yrs old when she was sexually abused by former Michigan State University Doctor, Larry Nassar.

In September of 2004 she filed a report with the Meridian Township Police Department. The Detective on her claim, Andrew McCready, closed the case in less than a month.

That decision has since been called to question.

Upon Randall’s request, Meridian Township hired Kenneth Ouellette Investigations LLC to conduct the investigation.

The findings were released today in an 88-page report, and the Police admit the case was mishandled.

“Yes we should have contacted a medical expert to verify Nassar, yes we should have sent it on to the county, yes we were manipulated,” said Frank Walsh, the Meridian Township Manager.

The report reveals that Randall’s case was the only criminal sexual claim that McCready did not forward to the Ingham County Prosecutors for a review. 

His reasoning was a 26-page powerpoint Nassar provided explaining his medical procedure.

McCready, who is now a Seargent, did not get a second medical opinion.

“We live what would have happened in 2004 and going forward if we had got it right, we live with the fact that all the young women who were manipulated by Nassar in 2004, we carry that, we carry that every day.” –Walsh

Randall still has questions about the investigation, but she is ready to continue her healing saying” As angry as I am, I have sympathy for Sergeant McCready and others involved in this case as I do not believe they had mal-intent”

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