LANSING, Mich (WLNS)- Last year the Lansing staple, American Eagle Superstore closed down and revamped. Turning the location into a Pro Fireworks store for Mid-Michigan.

The owners have now created a new app for the store “ProFireworks” and it involves you seeing what’s in the fireworks box before you buy, instead of just seeing the photo on the packaging.

When inside the store you can walk around with the app and scan over 500 firework boxes and seconds after, you’ll experience just how they look and sound in the sky.

“Being able to scan any product and seeing it up on the screen, buying what you want, whenever you want,” said Operations Director, Kyle Ahrens.

If you don’t have a mobile phone or the app, the store will hand you a scanner and you can walk around scanning each firework, that will appear on the store’s big-screen TVs.

The family-owned business says they’ve spent months working on this app and it’s the only one like it in the country. 

“We’re just really excited, we’re Michigan-owned and operated, and to share this with the community it’s so great. It’s gonna be a much better experience than ever before,” said Jim Stajos, CEO & President of Pro Fireworks.

Store officials are urging people to shop early this year for any firework holiday and to try out its app when coming in.