It’s called Project Homeless Connect. The mission? End homelessness in Jackson. The Event was held at ‘1208 Greenwood Church’ with more than two dozen organizations. Lead pastor Jamin Bradley says this is a testament to the heart of the people of in Jackson.

“It’s a really beautiful thing that whether organizations have any differences between them and how they do anything. Everything is just set aside. Let’s show up, let’s do this together,” said Bradley.

Those in need here today built relationships and learned about valuable community resources they can take advantage of. Things like housing, transportation, and clean clothes. They were also served a hot meal and even offered a haircut and flu shot. The community action agency hopes that this event will raise awareness for the need in the community. 

“Most people don’t realize how many homeless people we have in our county. So we see over a thousand people that come through our county every year that meet HUDs definition of being literally homeless on the street, at the shelter,” said Community Action Agency Leader, Laura Reaume. 

Jamin believes people need more than just material things. 

“I think another one of the needs is emotional. We had a guy come in. He was deaf and all he had was a dog and he is typing on his screen to talk to me and I am talking back on my screen to show him just trying to figure out how can we help you. That and people can just feel good about themselves you know. There’s a lot to be said about just getting a hair cut and just feeling fresh and clean.”

If you’re interested in giving back, there is a link below.