LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The integrity of a November election is once again being called into question. County and city clerks in Michigan are now preparing to partially recount votes cast for Proposals 2 and 3.

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The state board of canvassers approved the request for a partial recount from a group that said the November results may have been affected by what they claim were illegal configurations and lack of ballot machine certification.

“I would do a cartwheel down the street and say they checked the percent and there was nothing wrong with it as to the recount. As in the machine counted the paper process and the paper there is there was read properly, they didn’t count any ballots they weren’t supposed to,” said Attorney Dan Hartman.

Hartman represents Election Integrity Force, the group behind the petitions seeking a partial recount of Props 2 and 3. The controversial proposals expand voter rights and enshrine abortion access in the state constitution.

Sandy Kiesel, executive director of the group said their concerns about election irregularities are worth the taxpayer cost of the recounts.”

“If elections were fair and transparent and our citizens didn’t have questions about what was going on in this election, we wouldn’t need to do this,” she said.

The recount request was approved by the state board of canvassers after a contentious meeting.
Sharon Dolente with Promote the Vote said she does not expect any change to the results after the recount.

Attorney Steve Liddel who represents Reproductive Freedom for All, said he also does not see the results changing and is concerned this recount will encourage further election conspiracies.

“Speculation or theorizing does not cut it for the threshold of the legislature.”

Hartman said he expects the recount to run its course in the next two weeks.