Protecting families from fatal home fires


Mother’s day may be over, but the Michigan Fire Marshal wants you to help keep her home safe from any risk of a fire.

They’re asking you to take a few minutes of your time while you visit your mom to check on things around the house, and they especially want you to check on those fire alarms. 

It’s part of the Push the Button campaign, which runs year-round.

It just takes a few minutes to go in, look around the house and check the batteries on smoke detectors.
They also want you to check how old those alarms are and see if they need to be replaced and make sure sure there are enough in the house. 

Olivet firefighter Michael McLeieer says it’s a crucial part of a good safety plan–especially on weekends when there’s a higher risk of home fires.

“We’re finding that most fatal home fires, fifty percent of the time, are occuring between Thursday and Sunday when people are spending home with their family,” McLeieer says. “And we want to make sure those homes are well-protected with those working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.”

In the first three months of 2019 there were 29 fires that killed 32 people, according to the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society. That number is down nearly 30 percent compared to the first quarter of 2018.

Mcleieer says this is a good sign, but he wants people to stay on top of their fire safety strategies. 

“Test those smoke alarms monthly,” he says, “prepare and practice a home fire escape plan at least twice a year with everyone in the home, and replace outdated alarms over ten years old with new alarms, either [by] contacting your local fire department, or even the Red Cross chapter. [They] can help install those alarms free of charge.”

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