Protest at Jackson City Council meeting over former clerk’s controversial emails


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Tuesday night was the first Jackson City Council meeting since firing the city clerk and his revealing email release.

All of this has stirred up a lot of feelings in Jackson.

Multiple citizens spoke out against the content of the former city clerk’s emails and two officials who continued to support him.

Andrew Wrozek was fired two weeks ago by the city council for his mishandling of petitions aimed to block the city’s LGBT non-discrimination ordinance and sending emails the city called “crude and discriminatory.”

6 News obtained those emails through a FOIA request.

They reveal Wrozek was using his city email account to gamble, send sexual jokes, and donate to the Trump campaign.

The majority of them were conservative political memes he sent out, one of which mentioned throwing stones at Muslim women.

Citizens spoke out against those emails saying discrimination has no place in Jackson, but also against two city officials.

Both Mayor Bill Jors and Councilman Craig Pappin voted to keep Wrozek on as clerk.

As a protest, when people were done speaking during public comment they placed small stones in front of the men.

“While both of you have stated your belief in equality, it’s incongruous to then defend racist, sexist, homophobic, and islamophobic behavior,” said concerned citizen Colleen Sullivan.

“This is an ideology that is responsible for the many physical and verbal abuses my fellow brothers and sisters and I have endured in schools and the streets of this very city,” said Jordan Curl, who was speaking on behalf of Jackson’s Muslim community.

“Come on people, get real. Things happen, we move on, we let it go,” said Israel Gray, who supports Wrozek.

“There could have been a reprimand or something like that. I don’t personally know if he’s supposed to be fired from a job he’s been doing a good job at,” said Russell Jennings, who supports Wrozek.

Last week, Mayor Jors told 6 News that he didn’t get a good look at the emails but didn’t think they were enough to remove the clerk.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Pappin said he did not see the emails before voting.

Wrozek is still the elected city treasurer and cannot be removed unless he resigns or is recalled.

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