LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – While several gun control bills have moved through the legislature since the mass shooting that killed three MSU students, advocates are pressing lawmakers to pass them.

Students that 6 News reporter Josh Sanchez spoke with at the Capitol said Thursday’s gathering was a chance to keep the memory of the victims in the public mind and to build the momentum of calls for new laws.

The rally also brought together survivors of the shooting, including Troy Forbush, an Okemos native and MSU student who was injured in the tragedy.

“This is more than being in the wrong place and the wrong time. This can happen anywhere at any time in this country. It has to end,” said Forbush.

“I fell to the ground from my seat and tried to act as if I were already dead. As he panned the room with his handgun, I pled for my life and screamed “Please don’t shoot me”. At that moment, I was only thinking about keeping my eyes open for as long as possible and fighting for my life so I can tell the person that I care for most in life that I loved her, that I was shot, and there was a shooter. My mom rushed to the scene and she was nothing short of a superhero,” they said.

Forbush remembers another student using his shirt to apply pressure to the wound, and talking with them until help arrived.

“He asked me my name to keep me alert and stayed near, asking if anyone had a belt to spare. I will never forget him grabbing my hands, the paramedics grabbing my feet and the pain of being dragged to a side aisle for easier means of care, they are live savers and I am forever grateful,” said Forbush.

Forbush said while his family has been by his side since the event, he can’t help but think back to that night.

The university has stepped-up security measures on campus, including more locks on classroom doors.

But Forbush said those changes came too late to help them and every student shot that night.

For other students, they said the rally is giving them a chance to support each other during the ongoing healing.

Another rally was held by gun right advocates. They said they wanted to make sure their opposition to the bill packages was heard.