LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)–This morning over 100 people gathered at the Michigan State Capitol lawn protesting a series of regulatory marijuana bills introduced this week.

The package of bills introduced to the legislature would regulate the number of marijuana caregivers can grow, and the number of patients they are allowed to see. At the moment, caregivers are allowed five patients and are allowed to grow 60 medicinal marijuana plants. The new bills say caregivers are allowed one patient and can grow nearly 12 plants.

6 News is on scene and says people are protesting regarding the number of medicinal cannabis caregivers are allowed to grow.

“Ultimately this is what this is really about is cannabis freedom. We earned that right with the people’s initiative…” said Ryan Bringold, a Michigan Caregiver, “now we’ve got big corporate money in Michigan…they want to eliminate caregivers so they can have the whole market.

Politicians and marijuana companies who support the package of bills say this will help regulate the black market.

According to a study from The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, they estimate two-thirds of the state’s $3.2 billion marijuana industry did not happen by licensed distributors.

6 News will remain at the Capitol and speak to protesters to hear what they need to say, and others for why they believe this package of bills will keep people safe.