LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Dozens gathered at the Capitol lawn on Saturday to call for lawmakers to “stop infringing on their gun rights.”

Attendees at the rally said their Second Amendment rights have been violated.

Just more than a week ago the Michigan Senate was discussing new gun bills like red flag laws and increased background checks. On Saturday, a group rallied at the Capitol calling these proposed bills “too extreme.”

“I’m here with all these lovely people protesting in support of my Second Amendment rights and to oppose many of the gun laws that have been introduced in the Michigan Legislature lately,” Jasan Boles said.

Boles is a proud gun owner, and he claims that the red flag laws proposed by Democrats not only infringe on the Second Amendment but also the Fourth Amendment, which deals with unreasonable searches and seizures.

“These will allow say somebody to contact either court authority or police. Depending on how the bill is phrased. Without due process, your property, your guns, will be taken away from you without any trial or conviction,” Boles said.

Daniel Karcher, who organized of the rally said he “understands why so many people are looking for change after the recent tragedy at MSU.”

He said he agrees that “something has to be done” but the problem isn’t guns.

“I guarantee you that if you invested in mental health infrastructure and invest in resources for the poorest among us that you’ll se violent crimes in general, not just school shootings, start to drop pretty quick. A lot quicker than any gun control legislation would,” Karcher said.