Protesters meet at Capitol over marijuana issues


The topic of marijuana facilities, licensing and testing regulations have sparked some emotions for people across the state, which led them to the capitol steps.

Jeff Radway is the CEO of Green Peak Innovations and says he just wants officials to do their jobs.

“We’re asking for safe secure, tested medicine for the patients of Michigan, that’s what the voters voted for, that’s what patients expected, and is not what happening in the market today,” said Radway.

The rally at the capitol today is the start of a 30 day campaign to push for unlicensed marijuana facilities and untested marijuana products to be taken off shelves.

Hundreds of people attended the rally today, but not everyone in the crowd was there in support.

Protestors against Green Peak held signs called Gadway a “pig” and that “he hates kids and the elderly.”

Stevie Cuttitta is a mother of a four year old boy who uses cannabis oil for his multiple health issues and says she thinks Green Peak is stock piling their products and doesn’t want to be mislead that the products they promise to sell won’t ever be in stores.

“I want the caregivers to be able to supplement that market with patients like me, signing a waiver acknowledging that I am consuming a caregiver product that has been untested and I am okay with that and I deserve that right,I deserve that right for myself, my husband deserves that right ” said Cuttitta. said Cuttitta.

Cuttitta and other protestors say they just want to keep the status quo, and let patients sign a waiver to acknowledge that they know their products are untested.

“We’re not disputing that products should not be tested but there’s only four licensed testing facilities in the state of Michigan currently and the volume of product out there verses the number of testing facilities can’t support the supply,” said Co-Chair of Cannabis group at Butzel Long, Michelle Donovan.

Donovan and other protestors at the rally were there urging for product to be left untested, since they have been sold that way for years. Green Peak has been pushing for products to receive additional testing.

There are only four licensed testing facilities in Michigan and according to Donovan, she says the demand, supply and available facilities don’t match up.

According to the owner of the Greenhouse of Walled Lake, Jerry Millen, if all products in the stores were taken off shelves and tested, it could put the wait list for medicinal products anywhere around six months. Millen added that his patients know the products are untested and thinks that don’t mind it.

“There’s no patients here that are saying test my medicine, I demand you test it or I don’t want it, no patients are saying that,” said Millen

In reaction to the protests, Radway says he understands there is two sides to everything but he believes he’s on the right side.

“I’m not exactly sure what the other side is for because they claim to be for patients, and they claim to be for patients and claim that they put patients over profits, but yet they’re not selling anything and they seem to be selling a lot of things on the black market so I would ask the voters, who’s making the profit,” said Radway.

On Friday, a judge will determine whether caregivers can keep selling their products directly to patients.

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