LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – “Nobody wants to make the tough call, they’ve made it political things when it’s really just a human thing,” said Meg Koeneman, a parent of a Livingston County student.

With signs in hand, dozens of people say they’re not giving up and want the Livingston County Health Department to implement a mask mandate in classrooms.

“At the school level, they’re just not going to do it at this point,” said parent Tonya Defever.

“We’ve been contacting the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, we’ve been contacting and asking our local schools and our superintendents and our school boards, and everybody is just passing it around and saying it’s somebody else’s responsibility,” said Koeneman.

Caitlyn Perry-Dial is a parent of two young kids that are too young to get the vaccine.

“They can’t be vaccinated, and that’s the biggest concern right now, we don’t know when they’ll be able to get the vaccine so the mask is literally their last line of defense,” she said.

The debate on masks in schools isn’t new

School board meetings have become battlegrounds for the topic.

“The ‘other side’ has been very vocal, and we don’t want the school districts and the Health Department to think that’s the only voice,” said Koeneman.

But those against masks were also at the Health Department today.

About a dozen people came by the pro-mask group of protesters, then walked to East Grand River Avenue

“If one side is voicing their opinions, the other side should be heard as well,” said parent Mark Merna.
“It’s not just a mask mandate – it’s a mandate against personal freedom and that’s the principle that I’m here for.”