Public reacts to city budget proposal


The Lansing City Council held their second public meeting last night to hear concerns about the 2019-2020 Lansing City Budget Proposal.

Whether that’s parks, sidewalks or addressing climate change, people got the chance to speak up about where they want their tax money to go.

President of the Lansing City Council, Carol Wood, says this is a chance for people to get away from city hall and meet with council members face to face.

Wood added that a lot of the same topics have been brought up multiple times through both meetings.

“If you are a council member, you should be bringing back what you’re hearing online, what you’re getting in emails, on phone calls and making sure those are also you’re concerns when addressing the budget,” said Wood.

Council member, Jeremy Garza, says there has really been no support for the $50,000 proposal of adding WiFi to city parks.

Tonight, it was a concern with almost every one who went to the podium to speak.

“I don’t approve of the fifty thousand dollars that they want for Wifi in the parks, we could use the fifty thousand dollars to clean up the parks,” said Lansing resident, Elaine Womboldt.

Another Lansing citizen, Amber Rockwell, made the parks her main point when she approached the council and says the park isn’t the place to be concerned about WiFi.

“I just feel like that’s an unnecessary expenditure, as people should be going to the parks to enjoy nature and spend time with their kids and disconnect with technology,” said Rockwell.

Wood added that when they meet next week, they will look over different proposals that could be added to the budget before it’s planned to pass on May 20th.

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