LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Community members gathered on the steps of the capital building Wednesday to advocate for inclusivity and equality.

Inclusive Justice Michigan, Equality Michigan, and other advocacy groups were at the capital hoping to bring attention to what they consider important issues coming up in the November election.

“It is not secret that equality is on the ballot this coming November, and so we are here today as a coalition to talk about equality, our democracy, abortion rights, all the things that are impacting our people’s daily lives,” said Executive Director of Equality Michigan Erin Knott.

Michigan Senator Mallory McMorrow and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist spoke at the rally, alongside many other community members, encouraging people to protect LGBTQ representation, reproductive rights, and voting rights.

“We have public officials, other social justice folk, members of the clergy who will be here, and then just simply everyday ordinary citizens who are going to be sharing their passion to have democracy protected here in Michigan,” said the President of Inclusive Rights Michigan Reverand Rolan Stringfellow.

The rally included a booth where people could register to vote.

The rally also honored the memory of Jim Toy of Ann Arbor, who recently passed away and is considered a pioneer for LGBTQ rights in Michigan.