LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Former candidate Ralph Rebandt isn’t throwing in the towel on his political career as Rebandt announced his bid for Lt. Governor on Monday.

While Tudor Dixon chose former state lawmaker Hernandez as her Lt. Governor, the Michigan Republican Party hasn’t officially declared him as Dixon’s running mate.

The MI GOP officially announces its candidates for Lt. Governor during the Republican State Convention, which will be held on Saturday, August 27.

“After thoughtful consideration and prayer I accept the request and support from delegates, county chairs, and citizens to run for the nomination of Lieutenant Governor of Michigan at the August 27th Republican Convention,” Rebant said in a statement.

“Two or three months ago some people started throwing this out. “If you don’t make governor Ralph, you’d make a great lieutenant governor. I really believe I would bring unity to the party” Rebandt told 6 News.

His announcement came more than an hour before former president Donald Trump endorsed Hernandez. Rebandt says the endorsement does not change his plans

“I kind of thought this would happen. It really doesn’t change our strategy. It just means, I’m going to support President Trump regardless,” Rebandt said.

If he wins the nomination, Rebandt is optimistic about a good working relationship with Dixon.

“Even if there are other candidates to throw their names in on Saturday. I think if she in her heart had to pick somebody. I would really honestly think she would pick me because I know she knows we would get along,” said Rebandt.

Staff with the Dixon campaign say they hope Rebandt helps to “unify the party and move through the convention seamlessly. “

Last week, Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick shared what a battle for lieutenant governor could mean for the election.

“Trust me, it would be a huge political story, and that story would have a greater impact on her candidacy than the actual pick for LG in the long run,” Skubick said.

With the republican convention days away, Rebandt says his bid is to unite the party.

“You know the reality is Tudor only got 40% of the Republican vote. Sure it’s a lot but there’s 60% that didn’t vote for her. I’m really convinced I can bring that 60% of the party behind the ticket and help us get Tudor across the line,” Rebandt said.

Rebandt stated he would support Dixon in November, regardless of her running mate.