CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) – The owner of a local antique store is asking for your help.

He says an item worth thousands of dollars that’s millions of years old was stolen.

Workers at the Liberty Square Antique Mall say theft is becoming more and more common in the area and they just want what’s theirs given back.

It’s a creature that’s been extinct for millions of years now: the megalodon shark, making an appearance in Warner Brother’s “The Meg” movie last year, but otherwise, gone for good.

“We just went to get the teeth to show somebody out of the case and they were gone,” said Terry Ranshaw, the owner of the Liberty Square Antique Mall in Charlotte.

Ranshaw had four fossilized megalodon teeth worth nearly $10,000 dollars stolen.

“This is an ongoing problem,” said Ranshaw. “We’ve had several things stolen out here.”

The teeth belonged to Ranshaw’s son, David Ranshaw, who’s now offering a $1,000 reward to try and get them back.

Scott Adams works in the store and says this takes a toll not only on them, but the entire community.

“We enjoy doing this, it’s like a hobby and a passion for me and my coworkers, but there’s no respect or honor these days,” said Adams.

The two have a message for whoever took the teeth.

“Just stop it, grow up, go get a job and get it yourself,” said Adams.

“If we catch you, we’re going to prosecute you, you’ve got a chance to bring them back to us and no questions asked, just bring them back,” said Ranshaw.

If you know anything about what happened, you can call the Charlotte Police Department at (517) 543-3510.